May - September 2022 - EP Student Awardees

Congratulations to our awesome and talented students for winning different awards from different categories this year:

Master Suphakorn Dunlayapapatsorn M.2/1 & Master Sasawat Eamsomboon M. 3/2
Silver Medalists in International Mathematics and Science on last 2nd of May 2022 hosted by Office of Basic Education Commission.

Seventeen (17) EP NTUN students who got C1, Advanced Level of CEFR last 5th and 12th of June 2022. Hosted by Engenius International Student Exchange Program:
1. Miss Ratagarn Cholarattanatham M.3/1          11. Master Wattikorn Chuprapawan M.5/2
     2. Miss Nuttnicha Hongsakul M.4/1                    12. Master Sarun Jesadaviriya M.5/3
     3. Miss Pawarisa Songpaiboon M.4/1                 13. Master Putt Puttstit M.6/1
     4. Miss Yothaga Chatsantiprapa M.4/1               14. Master Natchapon Sukthep M.6/2
     5. Master Witchaya Dejchanin M.4/1                   15. Master Kunphat Watcharanukulkij M.6/3
     6. Miss Kwankaew Dheeranoot M.5/1                 16. Master Tanisorn Yormin M.6/3
     7. Master Narin Kongpithaksilp M.5/1                 17. Miss Sirintip Yosakorn M.6/3
     8. Master Theeradeth Chaiyamong M.5/1
     9. Master Phonlakrit Lookyee M.5/1
     10. Miss Achiraya Cheenheet M.5/1

Master Sarun Jesadaviriya & Miss Apisara Donphraisod M.5/3
EP NTUN students who were qualified to join the final round of J-Challenge last September 2, 2022 at Royal Paragon Hall, Bangkok

EP NTUN successful students in Academic Contests of Central English Medium Instruction Programmes Open House 2022 during 10-11 September 2022 at Samsenwittayalai School.
LOWER SECONDARY LEVEL: Silver Medal of Mathematics Project Work
Master Suphakorn Dunlayapapatsorn, Master Apinat Songsai & Master Pachara Promhooub M.2/1
UPPER SECONDARY LEVEL: Gold Medal of Mathematics Project Work
Miss Chayada Chukaew, Master Bhuree Chewprecha M.6/1 & Miss Ananya Wongderree M.5/1

UPPER SECONDARY LEVEL: Gold Medal of Science Project Work
Miss Nuttnicha Hongsakul M.4/1, Miss Pinyapat Siriruck & Master Woraphat Pongpoon M.6/1

LOWER SECONDARY LEVEL: Gold Medal of Skit Competition
Master Korn Trithavorn, Miss Phornthanawadee Charuwitthayasirikun, Miss Arnda Supatanont, Miss WiramonChinnasit & Miss Ratagarn Cholarattanatham M.3/1


      1. Gold Medal, The First Runner UP of Speech Contest (Upper Secondary Level) : Miss Tharnruetai Noiperm M.6/2
      2. Gold Medal, Champion of Spelling Bees Contest (Upper Secondary Level) : Miss Kwankaew Dheeranoot M.5/1
      3. Gold Medal of Story Telling Contest (Lower Secondary Level) : Miss Kanyarat Saipanich M.3/1
      4. Gold Medal, Second Runner Up of Story Telling Contest (Upper Secondary Level) : Master Tharanas Sinsangbun M.5/1

Master Katanont Petcharat M.1/2
      Event : Thailand Finswimming Championship (Ages 12-13 Years Old) last September 2022.
          - Gold Medal of 50-meter Bifin
          - Silver Medal of 50, 100, and 200 meter-Surface Divings
          - Bronze Medal 100 and 200 meter-Bifin Divings
          - 2nd Runner Up Individual Group D