January 17, 2020 - EP Exhibition 2019 (Theme: Disney)

This year's EP Exhibition was a blast. Having this year's theme which is all about "Disney" , six classes were competed to showcase their great talents on the big stage, in full costumes, and to have a big chance of winning the different major awards. These six extravagant plays were the following: (1) "The Tales" by M.1/2, (2) "Aladdin" by M.2/2, (3) "Brave" by M.2/1, (4) "Zootopia" by M.1/1, (5) "Guardians of the Galaxy" by M.3/2, and (6) "Coco" by M.3/1. EP family would like to thank all the people behind this successful event, from our students, teachers, and to the very supportive parents of our students. See you all again next year.

Before the show starts...

Opening ceremony and handing out certificates of recognition, etc...

Masters of Ceremonies:

        (1) Ms. Preeyada "Nungning" Wiwatkunupakarn & Ms. Nathaporn "Aom" Muntan (M.4/1)
        (2) Mr. Wongprom "Nukbin" Chueawongprom (M.6/3) & Ms. Worawalan "Meiji" Issaranukultham (M.4/3)
        (3) Mr. Weeraphat "Phat" Thiraborwornsakul (M.4/1) & Ms. Thitivorada "Cream" Vorapatpanich (M.4/3)
        (4) Ms. Nuttakarn "Mook" Vititsuwanakul (M.5/1) & Ms. Booranee "Nudee" Sonvej (M.6/3)

* Clickhereto see photos during the actual plays.